AXA Health (AXA PPP)

AXA started in 1816 in France and trades in the UK as Axa UK, with subsidiaries including Axa Insurance, AXA Wealth, and AXA Health. 

AXA PPP changed its name in 2020 to AXA Health 

At Switch Health we have a great relationship with AXA Health and can often get months free for our existing clients, we also have access to “Price Promise” which means that if no claims are made in the first policy year that the premium will not be affected by age of medical inflation meaning the premium will stay the same or decrease in price. this is something AXA can not offer direct!

The different AXA PPP (AXA Health) policies are:



Personal Health

Health Select




Introducing our Private Health Insurance Cover: Personal Health. This comprehensive plan is designed to prioritize what matters most to you. As a standard offering, and depending on your medical history, we provide coverage for a wide range of treatments, including cancer care, CT or MRI scans, and hospital stays upon specialist referral. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to customize your coverage by selecting additional levels of protection that align with your specific needs.

For those seeking enhanced coverage for diagnostics and specialist consultations, our outpatient option is available to ensure comprehensive support. In addition, our heart and cancer cover and care package provides an invaluable resource—a dedicated nurse helpline. Available to assist you with any healthcare concerns related to your condition, treatment, or care options, this helpline offers 24/7 support. You can rest assured, knowing that you will never have to navigate your healthcare journey alone.

At Personal Health, our goal is to provide you with the utmost peace of mind, exceptional care, and unwavering support.

Experience the Advantages of Private Health Insurance

In times of unexpected challenges, expediency in diagnosis and treatment becomes invaluable. Coupled with compassionate support from individuals who genuinely care, these are the essential elements that truly matter. Allow us to present you with a concise overview of the benefits offered by Personal Health – your dependable private medical insurance plan – for new medical conditions following enrollment.

Convenience We prioritize efficiency by granting you swift access to specialists through our Fast Track Appointments service (available with the outpatient option). This ensures prompt evaluations to determine the underlying cause of your health concerns.

Choice You have the freedom to select your preferred hospital from our comprehensive Directory of Hospitals. Additionally, you can choose your preferred specialist and schedule appointments that align with your convenience.

Access By opting for Personal Health, you gain access to specialized cancer treatment and the most up-to-date approved cancer drugs, as recommended by specialists (subject to medical history and selected coverage options). Please note that outpatient drugs are not covered by this particular plan.

At Personal Health, we believe in offering comprehensive private health insurance that facilitates prompt care, empowers individual choices, and extends access to advanced medical treatments. Rest assured, your well-being is our utmost priority.

Standard Outpatient option

  • Up to three specialist consultations a year
  • No yearly limit on diagnostic tests when a specialist refers you
  • No yearly limit on practitioner charges when a specialist refers you (includes dieticians, nurses, speech therapists or audiologists that we recognise)

Full Outpatient option

  • No yearly limit on specialist consultations
  • No yearly limit on diagnostic tests when a specialist refers you
  • No yearly limit on practitioner charges when a specialist refers you (includes dieticians, nurses, speech therapists or audiologists that we have recognised)

Dentist and Optician Cashback

  • Cover for 80% of your dentist’s fees, up to £400 each year
  • Cover for 80% of your optician’s fees for prescribed glasses and contact lenses, up to £200 each year
  • £25 a year towards the cost of an eye test

Therapies option

  • Adds cover for outpatient treatment by physiotherapists, acupuncturists, homeopaths, osteopaths and chiropractors
  • No yearly limit on charges for outpatient treatment from recognised physiotherapists, osteopaths, acupuncturists and chiropractors – up to an overall maximum of 10 sessions a year for GP-referred treatment. Further sessions (as long as we agree them first) when referred by a specialist
  • All members aged 18 and over can access expert physio advice, without needing a GP referral first, with our Working Body phone service.

Mental Health option

As an in-patient or day-patient:

  • Cover for psychiatric treatment, including accommodation, diagnostic tests and drugs, at a hospital or day-patient unit in our Directory of Hospitals
  • No yearly limit on specialist fees for psychiatric treatment

As an outpatient:

  • No yearly limit on specialist consultations for psychiatric treatment
  • No yearly limit on psychiatric treatment by psychologists and cognitive-behavioural therapists, as long as your specialist oversees treatment

Extended Cover

  • Cover for visits to a private GP for consultations, up to £500 a year
  • Cover when you use hospitals outside our Directory of Hospitals, giving you more choice of where you’re treated
  • We’ll provide overseas cover for planned treatment up to the value of the equivalent UK treatment
  • A wider choice of specialists

Travel option

  • European or Worldwide Travel Cover for emergency medical expenses abroad
  • Also includes cover for lost baggage, delays and lost passports, as well as personal accident cover and cover for on-piste skiing
  • Worldwide Travel Cover includes emergency dental treatment and business travel
  • With the Adventure Sports upgrade, you can add cover for activities like bungee-jumping and paragliding
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Why use Switch Health?

• Free independent no obligation advice
• Save time and money
• Cover you and your loved ones
• Compare 1000’s of UK policies

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What makes Switch Health different?

  • Unlike lots of UK insurance brokers, we have access to the entire market
  • We also have exclusive deals that can’t be accessed by other brokers
  • Our service is completely free, and all advice is impartial
  • We pride ourselves on being a broker that offers a personalised service and you are under no obligation to take our advice or change your cover
  • On average we save our clients 30% on their policy
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Helpful and responds fast to queries. Jack was very helpful and quickly found the best solution to replace my insurer who’s suddenly pulling out of the UK market. I would recommend highly!
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This is my second year with switch health and I can’t recommend them enough. Always polite and helpful, I know I can ask to many questions but they are always answered , it seems nothing is too much trouble. I don’t like recommending, but in this case I will make an exception. On another plus side I seem to get a good price for my health care.
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When I looked to change my families Health Insurance cover in July 2018, I started to look online and get quotes. I became hounded by a few different companies but Jacob from Switch Health was able to assist. He was really helpful and informative and was able to understand exactly what my family needed. I was with a large heath care provider with a quote of over £2,000 for the year. After discussing my options with Jacob I realised he could save £800. I would happily recommend Switch Health to all.
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