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Why use Switch Health?


We work with a wide panel of insurers; some of which offer specific ‘Island Plans’ which include return trips to the mainland for treatment and cover for GP fees


Specific Channel Island Benefits

Return Trips to Mainland UK for Treatment

£400 per year for GP Fees

Regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission

You do NOT pay any IPT (insurance premium tax)

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Medical Insurance For Guernsey and Jersey


Switch Health, a regulated insurance brokerage, provides an array of health insurance policies crafted for residents of the Channel Islands. We acknowledge that the needs of our clients on the Islands will vary from those based in England. Through our extensive experience with clients in Jersey and Guernsey, we’ve discovered that many individuals are equipped with insurance policies that fail to meet their specific needs and do not account for their distinct circumstances. We collaborate with a broad range of insurers, several of which present specialized ‘Island Plans’ that cover travel to the mainland for medical treatment as well as GP charges.

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Channel Islands life insurance and medical insurance  


If you’re in the Channel Islands and seeking competitive life insurance and Health insurance, you’re in the right place. We are experts in life insurance and related offerings for residents of Jersey, dedicated to helping you secure the appropriate coverage at an attractive price.

It’s a common misconception that living in Jersey means a narrower selection of insurers and policies for life insurance. In reality, most insurers extend their services to applicants from Jersey, meaning you don’t need to limit yourself to local specialized brokers or face higher costs for coverage.

Despite this, some insurers do exclude Jersey residents. It can be both irritating and a waste of time to go through the extensive process of applying for life insurance, only to find out you’re ineligible. That’s where our service shines.

By choosing Channel Islands Insured, you gain access to:

A comprehensive range of insurers willing to cover Jersey residents. A variety of relevant policies tailored to meet your needs.

Exclusive, discounted rates that are more economical than going directly to insurers.

Start with a quote for Jersey life insurance from us at I’m Insured right away.

Residing in Jersey doesn’t drastically limit your options for life insurance, nor should it complicate or increase the cost of acquiring necessary protection. So, instead of squandering time searching for coverage among insurers who don’t cater to Jersey residents, reach out to I’m Insured today.

We provide you with an extensive choice of life insurance plans at unbeatable prices. With I’m Insured, you can expect:

A transparent, unbiased summary of all insurers available to you.

A selection of excellent life insurance choices.

Discounted rates that ensure you pay less than you would by going direct.

Support throughout the application process, ensuring your decisions are well-informed and confident.

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The right Island cover 


Insurance companies typically don’t offer advice to their customers, which may lead to a lack of understanding about the extent of their policy’s coverage and its appropriateness for their needs. At Switch Health, we’ve noticed that residents of the Channel Islands often face uncertainty regarding the type of plan that best suits them—be it international, UK-based, or an Island-specific plan. Our expertise lies in guiding our clients to the policy that provides the necessary coverage, thereby saving them time and money. We collaborate with both international and UK insurers to guarantee we always present a suitable option. If you’re in the Channel Islands and considering private health insurance for the first time, consulting a specialized broker like us is beneficial to fully grasp the advantages you could receive.

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