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AXA Health Insurance Policy Review

The Personal Health policy from AXA Health stands as their premier offering in the domain of private medical insurance within the UK. This flagship policy comprises of core coverage that encompasses standard in-patient treatment and grants clients the advantage of utilizing a widespread network of more than 250 hospitals across the nation. Beyond the fundamental provisions, a variety of supplementary options are available for selection to enhance the coverage as per individual needs.

AXA PPP has rebranded to AXA Health, unifying the distinct brands of AXA PPP healthcare, Health-on-Line, and Health Services under a single trading name. For the time being, the legal entity with which you engage remains unchanged. Consequently, any contractual agreements you currently hold with us will continue without modification.

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The different AXA PPP (AXA Health) policies are:

Health Select
Assure (including Assure Choice & Assure 6)
Key (including Key Choice & Key 6)
Ideal (including Ideal Choice & Ideal 6)
Classic (including Classic Choice & Classic 6)
Premier (including Premier Choice & Premier 6)
Premier Plus (including Premier Plus Choice)
Independent Health Cover GOLD (& GOLD 6)
Independent Health Cover SILVER (& SILVER 6)
Independent Health Cover BRONZE (& BRONZE 6)
Health Cover DeLuxe
Health Cover Plus
Health Cover Plus Extra
Health Cover
Health Cover Extra
First Healthcare
Retirement Health
Prestige (International)
Comprehensive (International)
Standard (International)
Actisure Prestige (International)
Actisure Prestige Plus (International)
Actisure Comprehensive (International)
Actisure Standard (International)

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Current AXA Health Plans that Switch Health can offer their clients are: 

AXA Personal Health Core Cover

In-patient and Day Patient Treatment

  • Hospital Fees: Full cover including operating theatre costs, diagnostic tests, nursing care, drugs & dressings, and physiotherapy.

Out-patient Treatment

  • Scans: Full cover for MRI, CT & PET scans.
  • Surgery: Outpatient surgery is covered in full.

Comprehensive Cancer Cover

  • Treatments and Consultations: Full cover for in-patient, day patient, and outpatient services.
  • Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy: Full cover.
  • Cancer Drugs: Full cover for high-cost drugs proven to treat cancer.
  • Prostheses: Up to £5,000 a year.
  • Hair Loss Coverings: Wigs and head coverings up to £400 a year.

NHS Cash Benefit

  • Cashback: £50 a night up to £2,000 a year for treatment through the NHS that AXA would cover privately.

Home Nursing

  • Nursing Services: Full cover for home IV antibiotic treatment.

Private Ambulance

  • Transport: Paid in full.

Oral Surgery

  • Dental Procedures: Full cover for specified treatments.

Parent Accommodation

  • Hospital Stay: Full hospital accommodation for one parent and up to £100 a night towards a hotel (max £500 a year) for a child under 16 receiving treatment.

Correctional Ear Surgery

  • Ear Surgery: Full cover for one operation for a child under 14.

Laser Treatment

  • Dermatological Treatment: Full cover for port-wine stain improvements on the face for a child under 14.

Speech Therapy

  • Sessions: Up to six a year for developmental delay for children under 14.

AXA Personal Health Optional Extras

Outpatient Cover

  • Standard: Covers all diagnostic tests in full and 3 specialist consultations per year.
  • Full: Unlimited specialist consultations, with no yearly limit.

Therapies Cover

  • Treatment Options: Full cover for various therapies; max 10 GP referred sessions, unlimited if specialist referred.

Mental Health

  • Comprehensive Benefits: Full cover for in-patient, day patient, and outpatient mental health treatments and consultations.

Dentist and Optician Cash Back

  • Reimbursement: 80% of dental fees up to £400 and optical fees up to £200 each year.
  • Eye Test: £25 towards an annual test.

Travel Cover

  • European/Worldwide: Emergency medical expenses, including pre-existing conditions, plus travel benefits (lost baggage, delayed flights).
  • Adventure Sports: Optional cover for activities like paragliding and bungee-jumping.

Extended Cover

  • GP Consultations: Up to £500 each year for face-to-face sessions.
  • Overseas Treatment: Covered up to UK treatment costs.
  • Hospital Access: Any UK hospital, even if not listed in the Directory of Hospitals.
  • Fee-Limited Specialists: Extra cover included.

Protected No Claims Discount

  • Claims: Protection ensures your discount remains the same at renewal, no protection following the year of a claim.

Guided Option

  • Hospital Selection: Any directory-listed hospital, with AXA-recognized consultants working within fee guidelines.

Underwriting Options

  • Full Medical: Full medical history disclosure.
  • Moratorium: Excludes cover for conditions treated or advised upon in the last five years, no full history needed initially.
  • Switch: For existing insurance policyholders, with continued underwriting from the previous insurer after medical questions.
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