Is health insurance for me?

Nobody knows what the future will bring, so two questions we always ask our customers is why do you want cover and what is it about the NHS treatment that concerns you?

What is covered?

Commonly covered conditions include:

  • Acute conditions
  • Alternative therapies (acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, etc.
  • Cancer including palliative care, diagnosis, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc.
  • Complementary therapies such as physiotherapy and osteopathy
  • Heart disease including aftercare cover;
  • Mental health issues including counselling and psychiatric care
  • Sports injuries unless you’re a professional sports person
  • Stroke aftercare

What kind of things aren’t covered?

Each insurer will have their own list of exclusions, generally these exclusions include:

  • Accident and emergency
  • Dangerous sports
  • Chronic conditions – Post diagnosis ongoing monitoring is unlikely to be covered however flare ups can be covered.
  • HIV & Aids
  • War, riots and terrorism

Can I switch from my current private medical insurance provider to another insurer?

Yes absolutely – We are proud to offer an independent consultative service and our aim is to get you the best policy at the best price. So, if you do feel like you would like to switch insurers our friendly advisers will be there to help you with your switch. If we cannot organise a switch on the first attempt we will be able to give you a long term plan to keep your costs down.

What should I consider when choosing private health insurance?

When starting your search for PMI do look closely into where you are comparing quotes. Some comparison websites do not take a whole industry approach which will give you limited information and reduces the guarantee of finding the best policy. Do look for quotes from independent and impartial brokers like Switch Health, as we will advise you based on your needs and wants out of a policy.

Can I get PMI on a budget?

When choosing a plan our expert advisers will tailor your options based on your personal needs. Like other types of insurance there are options you can add or exclude, as well as looking at your excess to give you an option that is affordable to you.

Can I get private health insurance with a pre-existing condition?

Yes, depending of method of underwriting and insurer we can look to cover pre-existing conditions, some conditions may have to undergo a moratorium period before being covered again. For a better idea of your personal conditions please contact us for a review and advice.

Can I be treated at a hospital or by a specialist of my choice?

Depending on the policy and insurer you choose, this may cause restricted access to certain hospitals and specialists. If you have a preference our advisers will be happy to talk through this with you.