Mental Health and Insurance

Mental health is an integral component of our overall well-being, yet it often takes a backseat in conversations about health insurance. In this blog, we will explore the… READ NOW

Insurance Do’s & Don’ts

When it comes to taking out an insurance policy it can seem daunting and confusing. Here are a few do’s and don’ts we follow when it comes to… READ NOW

Our Survey Reveals Few People Have Private Health Insurance

As we approach what finally looks like an end to the pandemic, we wondered here at Switch Health what people around the UK are now thinking about healthcare, and if… READ NOW

Why private medical insurance?

For many people in the UK, access to private healthcare is a luxury not a necessity. We wait longer for appointments and put up with last minute cancellations because… READ NOW

Health Insurance: Case Study NHS vs Private

Due to covid-19 experts believe NHS waiting list might reach 9.4 million Gillian health insurance case study NHS vs Private  Gillian is seventy three years old. For the past month or… READ NOW

NHS waiting list could reach 7.2 million

Analysis suggests entire NHS waiting list could reach 7.2 million by the end of September. One in eight people waiting for treatment NHS waiting lists could double by the autumn,… READ NOW

How does Private Medical Insurance Work

How does Private Medical Insurance Work? People seek medical insurance for many reasons, with the most common reason being to avoid NHS waiting lists or that they want the… READ NOW

Diabetes Get It Covered Privately

Insurance for diabetes New study from diabetes UK says that diabetes has reach 4.8 million and that number will rise! They say in 2025 (5 years from now) it… READ NOW

How much does private health insurance cost?

There are many factors that determine an individual’s health insurance premium, which is why is best to get a tailored quote that reflects accurately your individual situation. Factors are attributed… READ NOW

The Private Health Insurance Guide For First Time Buyers

In the UK private health insurance has never been more accessible or affordable. When taking out your health insurance you will be able to choose different options. For those taking… READ NOW

Leaving a company health insurance scheme when retiring

Are you retiring and wondering how you continue your private health cover? Your company health insurance cover is likely to come to an end, immediately after you leave the business,… READ NOW

Why brokers have a vital role in today’s health insurance market

Statistics released by the NHS in June 2018, reveal that patients are having to wait over six weeks for one of fifteen key diagnostic tests, which is the highest level… READ NOW

Why should I consider health insurance if I’m self-employed?

The number of people choosing to become self-employed is steadily increasing. Last year, statistics showed 15% of the working population in the UK were self-employed. Shockingly though, the majority do… READ NOW

How can I reduce my health insurance premiums?

If high premiums are what are deterring you from taking out health insurance, here are our top tips on how you can reduce your premiums. It is important to keep… READ NOW

Switching your Health Insurance

Switching your health insurance is a lot easier than you may think. It is worth considering switching insurers not only to save you money, but more often than not another… READ NOW

What is the difference between International Health Insurance and Travel Insurance?

International health insurance is intended to provide a comprehensive level of healthcare cover to those looking relocate for a sustained period away from their home country. Travel insurance on the… READ NOW

10 Benefits you might not know are covered in your policy

Are you aware that your Private Medical Insurance could be offering you even more benefits? Besides bypassing waiting lists and having more control over the treatment you receive, there are… READ NOW

Switch Health Insurance Broker urge April UK PMI customers to seek advice

On Tuesday 17th July, April UK announced that they had made some immediate changes to their Private Medical Insurance and that they had decided to withdraw from the UK health… READ NOW
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