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About Saga Health 


Initially concentrating on travel for the first three decades, Saga expanded its horizons in the 1980s by introducing Saga Magazine, alongside a suite of home and motor insurance, and financial services. The 1990s brought further diversification with private medical and pet insurance products, and the establishment of our own cruise ship enterprise. The strong reputation of the Saga brand has empowered the Group to either develop tailored products internally or collaborate with specialists to present our customers with unique, competitively-priced offerings that address their changing requirements.

Saga’s mission is to consistently deliver outstanding experiences each day while playing a role in fostering positive developments within our industries and communities. Integral to our operational ethos is a deep commitment to understanding our customers’ desires and necessities, positioning us to provide superior service.

Our steadfast adherence to this philosophy over the last 70 years has allowed us to emerge as the premier service provider in the UK dedicated to individuals over 50. Renowned as a highly recognized and dependable name within this demographic, the Saga brand is applauded for its premium products and exemplary service standards spanning across cruises, travel, insurance, finance, and the media sectors.

Used to be owed and underwritten by AXA PPP (AXA Herath) but now owed and underwritten by BUPA

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Saga health insurance review

Four plans to choose from

Up to 60% no claims discount

May accept pre-existing conditions – see below

Our independent review of the Saga Health Plan could help you decide whether it’s the right plan

How much does Saga health insurance cost?

The cost of Saga health insurance will depend on your age, the state of your health and any pre-existing medical conditions you may have. The level of cover you choose will also affect the price you pay, which is where comparing Saga health insurance quotes can help

Compare Saga health insurance

Comparing Saga health insurance quotes is easy to do with our free comparison service. You can compare quotes in minutes and see for yourself how Saga health insurance compares with other leading providers.

Saga health insurance options

Saga Health Insurance offers a selection from one of four plans.

Each of these delivers a range of benefits, depending upon whether you’re an outpatient or inpatient. Certain benefits will have an upper limit depending on the level of health insurance you choose. The highest level of cover provision commences with Super and reduces to Secure, Saver Plus and Support – see below:

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Super option

As with most policies of this type, the cover exists to help with conditions that arise after you have taken out a policy.  There are special provisions and exclusions that apply to pre-existing medical conditions and these would be discussed with you on a case-by-case basis.

The Super Option includes all of the benefits of the Support, Super Plus & Secure Options as well as the following:

In-patient & day-patient treatment

In-patient psychiatric treatment

Out-patient treatment

Psychiatric treatment

Additional benefits

  • Major dental cash and dental injuries benefits
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Secure option

This option of medical insurance comes with the same cover as the Saver Plus & Support Options plus the following:

Additional benefits

Ambulance transport

Recuperative care

Major dental cash and dental injuries benefits

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Saver plus option

This option of medical insurance comes with the same cover as the Support Option plus the following:

Out-patient treatment

Cancer treatment, including charges for radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and eligible out-patient cancer treatment following diagnosis

Consultations and diagnostic tests

Out-patient CT, MRI and PET Scans

Practitioner and Physiotherapist charges

Therapist, Homeopath and Acupuncturist charges

Additional benefits

Working Body Service (for muscle, bone or joint pain)

Second Opinion Service

Nursing at home

Stronger minds mental health support

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Saver plus option


Coverage Details for Saga HealthPlan Super 4 and Saga HealthPlan Super 6

Cancer Treatment Coverage

  • Where am I covered for treatment?
    • Active treatment of cancer at hospitals listed in the Saga Countrywide Hospital List or Fixed Fast Track hospitals chosen with you.
    • Home nursing, recuperative care at home, and chemotherapy by intravenous drip at home, as detailed in the benefits table on page 20.
    • Treatment received at a hospice.

Diagnostic Tests/Procedures

  • What cover do I have?
    • Consultations with cancer specialist, diagnostic tests ordered by GP or specialist, CT, MRI, PET scans, and surgical procedures for diagnosis/treatment.

Surgical Treatment

  • What cover do I have?
    • Surgical procedures related to cancer treatment/diagnosis as outlined in section 6, focusing on conventional treatment methodologies.

Drug Therapy

  • What cover do I have?
    • Drug treatments licensed by European Medicines Agency or Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, used within licence terms.
    • Specific coverage limits for chemotherapy drugs and biological therapies up to 18 months or drug licence period, whichever is shorter.


  • Am I covered?
    • Yes, including when used for pain relief.

Preventive Treatment

  • Am I covered?
    • No coverage for treatment like screening as a preventive measure without symptoms of cancer or vaccines to prevent cancer development/recurrence.

In-patient and Day-patient Treatment Benefits

  • Hospital charges, specialists’ fees, in-patient consultations with secondary specialists have no annual maximum.
  • Mental health treatment charges up to 28 days annually.
  • Surgical procedures, specialist consultations, diagnostic tests, and practitioner/physiotherapist charges have no annual maximum.
  • Cancer treatment including radiotherapy and chemotherapy follows the Saga Countrywide Hospital List and has no overall annual maximum.

Out-patient Treatment

  • Same as in-patient with regards to specialist consultations, procedures, and scans, with an additional mention regarding mental health treatment limits.

Ambulatory and Nursing at Home

  • Road ambulance transport where medically necessary, and nursing at home for post-in-patient care (up to 13 weeks) following particular conditions.

NHS Cash Benefit

  • £150 per night, up to £3,000 annually when receiving eligible NHS treatment that would have been covered privately.

Recuperative Care

  • Up to £2,000 annually, for max of 30 days a year in line with conditions set out in the policy.

Dental Benefits

  • Major dental cash benefits up to various limits per type of treatment or dental injuries up to £1,500 annually.

Prostheses and Additional Services

  • External prosthesis up to £5,000 for the lifetime of the policy.
  • Immediate access to Saga Health Information Line and GP Service 24/7.

Health Cash Benefits (Optional)

  • Optional coverage for dental care and accidents, dental emergencies, optical care, and health assessments subject to annual limits, only if opted-in.

Please verify the latest policy document or contact Saga directly for the most current details and any changes that may have occurred

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Saver plus option

Saga HealthPlan Coverage Summary

Cancer Treatment Coverage:

  • Active Treatment: Covered at hospitals on the Saga Countrywide Hospital List or Fixed Fast Track hospitals selected with you.
  • Home Nursing & Care: Covered as per the benefits table; please see page 20 for details on cancer treatment coverage.
  • Chemotherapy: IV drip at home is covered as outlined on page 20.
  • Hospice Treatment: Covered when received at a hospice.

Diagnostic Tests & Procedures:

  • Consultations & Scans: Covered when done by a specialist treating your cancer or upon their or a GP’s referral.
  • Genetic Testing: Covered if it aids in choosing chemotherapy; for pre-disposition screening, see section 6.

Surgical Treatment:

  • Scope of Coverage: Includes surgical procedures for treatment or diagnosis of cancer involving conventional methods (see section 6 for details).

Preventive Treatment:

  • Screenings & Vaccines: Not covered for preventive measures without cancer symptoms or for the prevention of recurrence.

Drug Therapy:

  • Licensed Drugs: Covered when licensed by the relevant agencies and used within their terms.
  • Duration Limits: Limited to up to 18 months or the drug license period, whichever is shorter, with stipulations (contact Claims Personal Advisory Team for updates).


  • Pain Relief Inclusion: Covered, including when used to relieve pain.

In-patient and Day-patient Treatment Benefits:

  • Hospital charges, specialists’ fees, and in-patient consultations: No annual maximum (hospital must be on approved list or selected for Fixed Fast Track).
  • Mental health in-patient charges: No annual maximum (up to 28 days a year).
  • Out-patient treatment, including cancer treatment (like radiotherapy and chemotherapy), surgeries, consultations, and diagnostic tests: No annual maximum.
  • Practitioner, physiotherapist, and therapist fees: No annual maximum; up to £2,000 a year for therapist, homeopath, and acupuncturist charges.

Additional Benefits:

  • CT, MRI, PET scans paid in full at approved facilities.
  • Mental health specialist consultations and diagnostic tests: Up to £2,500 a year.
  • Stronger Minds counselling: Not subject to the mental health maximum limit.
  • Ambulance transport and nursing at home: No annual maximum; nursing is up to 13 weeks following specific criteria.
  • NHS cash benefit: £150 per night, up to £3,000 a year.

Recuperative Care:

  • Maximum of £2,000/year for up to 30 days, for immediate post-treatment care covering nursing or personal services.

Cash Benefits for Major Dental Procedures & Injuries:

  • Various limits per treatment, up to £1,500 a year, and up to £5,000 a year for dental injuries, within stipulated conditions.

Prosthetic and Consultation Services:

  • External prostheses: Up to £5,000 for the lifetime of the policy.
  • 24/7 access to Saga Health Information Line and GP Service.

Health Cash Benefits Cover (Optional):

  • Additional dental, dental emergencies, optical care, and health assessment benefits, up to specific annual limits per person if this cover is selected.

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