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The Benefits of Private Medical Insurance

The UK is one of the few places in the world that has a universal free health service, so why would anyone choose to pay privately for medical care?


According to latest PMI surveys, the main reasons for going private is the increasing demand on the NHS which has resulted in long waiting lists. The fear of superbugs such as MSRA and hospital cleanliness, also topped the list of concerns and as a contributing factor, for taking out private medical insurance.


Private health insurance gives you the peace of mind that you and your family will have quick access to medical treatment along with many other benefits:

  • See a Consultant for quick diagnosis


  • Pick appointments that are convenient to you


  • Enjoy unrestricted visiting hours


  • Get Fast Access to treatment


  • Recover in a private en-suite room


  • Choose from a wide range of freshly prepared, healthy meals


  • Choose your hospital and doctor


  • Benefit from WiFi and private TV


  • Continuity of care, get seen by the same consultant
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9 tips how you can save money on your private health insurance!

Paying too much for your health insurance and can’t change insurers? well look no further, here are 9 tips to help save you money on your current policy without changing insurers and without jeopardising pre-existing conditions.

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Reduce your outpatient cover

With most insurers you can lower your outpatients from unlimited to £1000, £500 or no outpatients, it’s worth seeing how much you can save by doing this. On average most clients will typically only see 1 specialist a year meaning you might be over insuring yourself and costing you money.

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Increase your excess

Increasing your excess can reduce your policy, its worth playing about with the excess amount as more often than not you can save more money over the year than what the extra in excess is! most insurers like BUPA, AXA, Vitality can offer £100, £200, £250 and £500 excess Aviva offer a huge £3000 excess with there plans.

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Lower your hospital list

The most expensive part of any health insurance policy is the hospital list! however this can also be the most important part. All insurers have different tiers of hospital lists ranging from local to full directory. Its worth seeing if a lower hospital list still covers the consultants and hospitals that you prefer, if a low list suit your needs it could save you a lot of money!

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Add a 6 week option

There are two companies that offer a 6 week option these are Aviva and AXA PPP. A 6 week option can save you up to 40%. however this will downgrade your plan when claiming for inpatient or day patient treatment. With this clause it means the insurer will see if the treatment can be dealt with via the NHS within the 6 week period, otherwise the insurer will have to take on the treatment as normal.

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Remove add-ons like dental or travel

Sometimes when you take out a plan you might have opted for an add on like dental or travel, its worth reviewing these add-ons if you are not using them to see how much it can save you at renewal. Other popular add-ons are, cancer assist, optical and protective no claims. One insurer called The Exeter offer a no NCD plan this can be expensive but can also save you a lot of money if your calming a lot.

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Ask for discount at renewal

It’s worth asking your broker to talk to your existing insurer for discount, some insurers can offer 1 or 2 months free. With AXA PPP they offer a buy back of a claim and this can increase your NCD. BUPA have a loyalty team however they can only talk to the client direct and can sometimes offer discounts.

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Switch insurers

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Pay annually

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Buy back your claim

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Did you know?

Switch Health can still compare policies even if you have pre-existing conditions
We can still offer discounts on your existing plan so it may not even be necessary to switch insurers
If you appoint us as your broker we will annually research the whole of the market, to see if we can find you a more competitive renewal premium and provide you with better cover

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What is Private Health Insurance?

Private Health insurance is a way to access private healthcare without paying lots of money for the care you need. You simply pay a monthly price for your cover. In return, when you need to see someone you can then use your policy for fast, convenient, high quality care with the doctor and/or hospital of your choice.

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What does private health insurance cover?

At Switch Health our advisors work closely with each of their clients to ensure that their policy is tailored to their needs and budget. We have access to the whole of the market, meaning we can offer some great cover options you won’t find everywhere. Dental and optical, physiotherapy, mental health cover and even private GP are all great examples of ways to personalise your plan and make the most of your policy.

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