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Why use Switch Health?

• Free independent no obligation advice
• Save time and money
• Cover you and your loved ones
• Compare 1000’s of UK policies

Switching Insurers

Switching insurers can be a minefield! people always worry about these 2 things

  1. Am I getting “like for like” cover
  2. Will I keep pre-existing conditions

The answer is Yes if you Switch with us okay…depending on what conditions you have and how recent they are, but usually we can keep most if not all pre-existing conditions – finding “like for like” is easy what we usually do is offer better cover so no stone is left unturned. We can achieve this because we have access to the whole of market.

How can Switch Health guarantee to save me money on health insurance?

Its simple at Switch Health we compare the whole market with all the major insurers like AXA PPP, Aviva, Vitality, and BUPA to name just a few. Once we find the right provider, we use our discounts to guarantee the best deal on the market. If you have any quotes from any other broker or insurer we will beat any offer or any price. In most cases, we can save up to 60% off your premiums and offer 2 months free.

What insurers do Switch Health work with?

Below are all the insurers Switch Health have agencies with and can negotiate on the premiums on your behalf

  • BUPA
  • Aviva
  • Aviva Health
  • Health On Line
  • AXA Health
  • WPA
  • SAGA
  • Vitality
  • The Exeter
  • Freedom Health
  • National Friendly
  • Cigna
  • General & Medical
  • Morgan Price
  • CS Healthcare (now BUPA)

What is health insurance?

Health insurance is a quick and effective way to access private health care without having to pay thousands out of your own pocket for what you need.

Simply pay a monthly price for your cover, and get what you need, when you need it.

How does health insurance work?

In exchange for paying a monthly price for your plan, an insurer will cover the cost of your private health care needs, settling the bills directly with the hospital.

You should not have to pay anything up front, unless you have an excess, and the insurer will not give you a cash lump sum to settle the bills yourself.

How to get health insurance?

To get health insurance it couldn’t be easier.

There are three main ways to do so and each have their ups and downs. We’ve included some of them below:

  1. Direct from an insurer- whilst they may offer you a good deal, they can only offer you their own product, so it’s no guarantee you will get the best price or cover for your money.
  2. Comparison sites: buying online is something that we do not recommend. Whilst you do get a good general overview of what insurers are offering, chances are, they won’t put all their available options online, and if you have cover in place, you could end up losing your pre-existing conditions cover without meaning to..

Brokers/intermediary: this service is free for people to use, and a qualified adviser can talk you through all your options to tailor your plan to you. They can then look across the market to match a provider and plan to your needs, and often get special deals that you won’t find anywhere else. We tried to think of a negative here, but honestly couldn’t think of one! If you were looking to rewire your home, you would go to an electrician, not Google how to do it yourself ( at least we hope so!) and it’s the same with health insurance.

Jargon buster

When starting your search for PMI do look closely into where you are comparing quotes. Some comparison websites do not take a whole industry approach which will give you limited information and reduces the guarantee of finding the best policy. Do look for quotes from independent and impartial brokers like Switch Health, as we will advise you based on your needs and wants out of a policy.

1- Health insurance– An insurance that gives you quick, easy access to private health care without having to foot the bill for the cost yourself!

2- Consultation– an appointment with a doctor who specialises in your particular problem.

3- Diagnosis- methods used to find out what’s wrong with you e.g a blood test or scan.

4- Treatment– Fixing the issue once you know what it is. This could be an operation or therapy for example.

5- Underwriting- How an insurer writes your policy when you join. This is likely to be tailored to you, as everyone’s medical history is different! It tells you what medical conditions an insurer can cover straight away and what they can’t

6- Pre-existing conditions- these are medical issues you’ve had before your policy starts. They can range from achy knees all the way through to a problem with the heart or cancer.

7– Excess- A great cost saving tool to have. It’s the amount of money you agree to pay before the insurer takes over the rest of your claim. It’s only payable once in a year, on the first claim you make.

8- Exclusion– A condition that an insurer can’t cover right away. If you are worried about this give us a call to find out if an insurer can cover your issue!

9- Switch – If you have cover in place, this is an easy method to make sure your medical history moves with you to a new insurer. It means that ( as long as you meet their criteria) everything you were covered for with your old insurer stays covered with the new one- just at a better price!

10- Whole of market- This means we look across every health insurance provider to find you the best offers and cover for your needs.

11- Advice– Being helped step by step to find the policy that’s right for you.

Access to the best deals on health insurance, and a whole of market approach. Continuous care throughout and a dedicated renewals advisor to negotiate discounts the next year. ( Some customers get months free! )

The Benefits of Private Medical Insurance

The UK is one of the few places in the world that has a universal free health service, so why would anyone choose to pay privately for medical care?

According to the latest PMI surveys, the main reason for going private is the increasing demand on the NHS which has resulted in long waiting lists. The fear of superbugs such as MSRA and hospital cleanliness also topped the list of concerns and as a contributing factor, for taking out private medical insurance.

Private health insurance gives you the peace of mind that you and your family will have quick access to medical treatment along with many other benefits:

It’s best to review health insurance with an award winning broker, at switch health we compare the health care maker in the uk to get the best deals with medical insurance providers like, BUPA, Aviva, AXA PPP, AXA Health, Saga, Vitality Health, WPA, Aviva Health and Cigma.