Your guide to buying private medical insurance


We aim to make comparing health insurance as easy and transparent for our clients as possible, which is why we have put together this buyer’s guide.


When starting to look at private medical insurance you may be confused by some of the jargon. The industry uses health insurance, private healthcare, medical insurance and private medical insurance (PMI) interchangeably but they all have an identical meaning.


Private Medical Insurance allows you to have access to fast medical treatment outside of the NHS, as well as giving you more options around these treatments. Your PMI policy is there so if you do fall ill or suffer injury your insurer will attempt to return you to the same level of health you had when you took the policy.


One of the most talked about benefits of private medical Insurance is the immediate access to private treatment and not having to wait weeks or months on the NHS. PMI works by not paying a lump sum but paying directly for diagnostics and treatment at a private hospital.


When starting your search for health insurance do look closely into where you are comparing quotes. Some comparison websites do not take a whole industry approach and often provide a guideline price instead of a bespoke quote.


Look for quotes from independent and impartial brokers like Switch Health, as we will advise you based on your needs and wants out of a policy. The relationship we have with our panel of insurers means we have access to exclusive deals, which is why we are so confident we can save you money.


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